Help for hurting nurses

I've been a client of Magnolia Chiropractic and Massage since the month they opened a year ago.  The entire staff and Dr. Penner are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable.  I am a nurse and like most nurses have had some back issues/injuries.  For the past year, I have not missed a day of work for my back.  I truly believe this is related to the excellent chiropratic and massage treatments.  Every time I leave their very clean and beautiful, this nurse leaves with the feeling of being very well cared for.

Lane B.


"It means the world to me."

I have a chronic auto immune spinal arthritis with no cure.  Managing pain is my only option.  I was nervous about switching to a new chiropractor (after 15 years with my current Dr.) but thought I would visit Dr. Penner because the office is right around the corner.  I was intrigued because he seemed innovative and has on staff a brilliant massage therapist with specialized training to work with injuries.  

I cannot thank Dr. Penner enough for giving me back my health.  While there is no cure for my illness, my pain is more manageable. But, the biggest surprise is that I have regained energy which has been missing for the last several years.  With this new energy and optimism I am beginning to exercise and move more which will help me regain some of the strength I've lost.  This strength of course will help support my spine and boost my morale.  

I've experienced healing on several levels through Dr. Penner's care.  He listens, he explains conditions well, includes exercises and stretches ,has a good sense of humor and his office staff make you feel incredibly welcome.  As a "professional patient" I have a medical team which now includes Dr. Penner.  My rheumatologist even mentioned how much better I appeared and asked what I'd been doing that was different.

This is a long "yelp" but this is a really big deal for me and my family.  I hope others, especially those with chronic conditions, will give Dr. Penner a visit and experience better health like me.

So, thanks Dr. Penner, Tai and Hailey for your help in my healing.  It means the world to me.

Teresa E.

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