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"I feel fantastic"

I'd never seen a chiropractor prior to Dr. Penner.  I've had lower back pain for about 15 years and I'd been to a couple of Primary Care Physicians about it and had x-rays done and they told me that "everything looks normal".  Dr. Penner identified the problem (uneven hips) and corrected it after the FIRST adjustment!  That sort of success isn't always the case but surely you can imagine my relief and gratitude.  I've been seeing him for weekly adjustments for several weeks now and I feel fantastic.  He's a great listener and always targets the exact, specific area that needs work.  I'm truly impressed!  Also, the office staff is extremely friendly and considerate.  I've been recommending this place to all of my friends.

Today I had my first massage with Tai and it was the best massage I've ever had, despite the fact that I was not in a spa.  She worked with a fair amount of pressure, as that's what I requested, and also targeted the exact areas I asked her to focus on.  She was extremely knowledgable about my injury and I'm confident that regular visits with her will greatly help my healing process.  She's kind, professional and effective!

Michelle F.