Most policies in Washington state cover chiropractic, naturopathic and massage therapy.  Your costs with insurance will vary, based on your selected plan.

We accept most insurance plans. And we work flexibly with those who consider us out-of-network.  We do not accept Medicare or supplementary Medicare.

Insurance can be confusing, and we are experts at helping you understand your benefits and how to use them most effectively.  We are always happy to check benefits for prospective patients!  Call (206) 906-9239 to inquire.


CHIROPRACTIC (Time of Service, Non-Insurance)

New patient chiropractic appointment (exam and consultation): $85

Existing patient chiropractic appointment (adjustment): $55

X-rays: $55 - $80 (depending on the number of views)


NATUROPATHIC (Time of Service, Non-Insurance)

New patient naturopathic appointment (consultation and treatment, 75 minutes): $240

Existing patient naturopathic appointment (consultation and treatment): $190

Manual therapy (one-hour): $180

Medical massage (one-hour): $120    



One-hour massage: $90

Package of 3 one-hour massages: $216 ($72 each)

Package of 5 one-hour massages: $300 ($60 each)