Have you ever been on a really long car or airplane ride and notice increased back pain the longer you sit? Have you ever slept with your head in an awkward position all night, and woken up with neck pain or a headache? These two scenarios have one thing in common: a lack of movement.

We’ve all heard the saying “move it or lose it!” but we often forget how true it is for your joints.  Your joints were designed to move, and lack of that life-giving motion causes joints to begin a process of decay. This degeneration (called osteoarthritis) can manifest itself in all kinds of problems, some of which are obvious, like pain, and some which are less apparent, like fatigue or decreased organ function. The process goes like this:


  • Loss of joint motion (due to trauma, poor posture, lack of exercise, etc.)
  • Lack of oxygen and nutrients being delivered to cartilage and joint capsules
  • Process of joint decay begins, which includes swelling
  • Swelling puts pressure on delicate spinal nerves, which causes tight achy muscles, weakens your immune system, causes fatigue, and decreases your overall body function


Motion can be restored to your joints through a specific chiropractic adjustment. First, motion is assessed to determine which joints are stuck and what position are they stuck in. Then, a safe and specific force is administered to free the joint of restriction.

So does everyone need a chiropractor? Let me put it this way: if you exercise every day, taking all your joints through their full range of motion; if you don’t sit too much or do too much repetitive asymmetric activity; if you always have perfect posture and never get injured; and if you eat an anti-inflammatory diet and can avoid all toxins and any kind of stress, then you don’t need a chiropractor!